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Success! / Patient

With constant pain in her low back and hips she heard about Dr. Milham on the radio. After completing treatment on the DRX9000 spinal decompression machine, she is now pain free.


Patty / Patient

Patty suffers from degenerative discs and tried many therapies to no avail. With the help of Dr. John Milham and Capital Region Integrative Health, her pain has decreased by 90%.


Linda / Patient

Linda suffers from chronic low back pain and sciatic pain down her right leg. After only 3 treatments with non surgical spinal decompression, she was able to stand pain free. By then end of her tratments she was feeling great and able to do the things she loves.

Success! / Patient

Listen to how these former back pain sufferers are now living an active lifestyle after non surgical spinal decompression!.

Cheryl / Patient

The next step for Cheryl was going to be invasive surgery. She heard about the Free Consultation for spinal decompression on her local news. After not being able to walk without the aid of a walker and suffering chronic pain, Cheryl is back to walking without the walker and living a pain fee life!

Eron / Patient

When Eron came to see Dr. John Milham she suffered from 2 herniated discs and one bulging disc. Eron was in constant pain and unable to do even the simplest of things around the house. After treatment with non surgical spinal decompression, Eron is back to karate classes and playing with her children.

" Excellent experience - pain free says it all!"
Christine (Troy, NY)
August 2015

"I believe the adjustments and ice/stim were absolutely essential to regain "my balance" when I was done with treatment. The exercises Dr. Milham demonstrated have also been helpful. I am able to "recover" on my own after activities that would increase my level of pain. I am able to walk 1 mile 3x/week and 3 miles 2x/week w/o back brace. This is great!"

Patricia ( Old Chatham, NY) June 2015

- treatment for spinal stenosis/disc issue
- pain was severe - all days every day in the left leg and back.
- i was having difficulty sitting, standing for any length of time, difficulty w/ concentration at work.
- I tried cortizone shots before starting this treatment.
- It took almost all 20 sessions before I felt no pain in my leg/back.
- Not having this pain is significant especially w/ the work I do. I no longer think about disability.
- Thank you Dr. Milham, Blair and Dana!"

Patricia (Albany, NY ) August 2015

"Stretching, stim and ice. Have a bad back. I was not able to play racquetball and lift heavy objects. Took about 3 weeks to get better. I look forward to being pain free. Treatment was fine. Yes you guys are great!"

Gary ( Niskayuna) July 2015

"Spinal decompression for hip & sciatic pain. Treatment was gentle and effective. Definite improvement after 2 1/2 years of pain. It has definitely improved my quality of life."

Florence (Cohoes, NY ) August 2015

"When I first started I needed a walker; in extreme pain. After treatment - no pain no walker. Back to the golf course. Yes i would recommend this treatment to anyone who asked."

Gary ( Cohoes, NY) May 2015

"I heard from a friend about the program and thought I would try it. I was put on everything except laser. Right from the start I felt some change, mild, but change till I started feeling good and doing well at work...Now I feel normal again. I can do everything without effort or having to force myself anymore. It feels great. I feel like I have a new back. Yes it was real painful at times but well worth it, to be rid of the severe daily pain."

Linda (Castleton, NY ) April 2015

Dr. Milham helped me with targeted exercises to increase the strength of the muscles around my lower back and buttocks. He helped me to incorporate the exercises into my swimming/walking routine.  Dr. Milham always took the time with me, discussed all treatment with me and gave me the reasons why behind his treatment and the things I needed to do... Dana and Blair were very helpful, professional and kind."

Debra H. (Delmar, NY) March 2015

I came to the office with bad lower back pain which kept me from doing activities that i like and i could not sleep through the night without waking up with pain.
I had decompression treatment which has taken away the back pain. I also have been getting treatments and exercises for a muscular imbalance in the back and hips.
This has also greatly helped me. I have more energy and can do activities that I used to do. I would recommend spinal decompression to anyone that has back pain.

Patricia (Latham, NY)

"Great Improvement"

Robert (Nassau, NY) March 2015

"Before the therapy it was really difficult for me to walk with the pain all the time. The treatments were not painful they actually felt food especially the muscle stimulation and ice and the stretching. I appreciate everything Dr. Milham and Dana and Blair - Thanks again for helping me."

Jeanette (Schenectady, NY) February 2015

"Your office is a most comfortable, friendly, welcoming environment. I was treated with spinal decompression, physical therapy, laser therapy and ice & stim. When I first arrived I was physically and emotionally tired from chronic pain. Although, the decompression process itself was not uncomfortable, it was very uncomfortable afterwards. Specific exercises and stretching were recommended and I was guided through months of physical therapy and was encouraged to keep up a regiment at home (which I have). Gradually my inflammation became less and my discomfort subsided..Although I won't necessarily miss my early morning trips, I will miss seeing Dr. Milham, Blair & Dana :-) ..True gifts to the healing profession - Thank You!"

Linda (Clifton Park, NY) January 2015

"I am being treated for herniated disc; spinal stenosis with decompression therapy. My pain walking in the door was a 10 on a 1-10 scale. I had tried chiropractic, PT and steroid shots, all to which resulted in zero impact. My physical activity (exercise) had all but gone away. As a result, I gained 25 pounds. After the treatments here, I have woken up pain free for the first time in over a year. My activity has increased and I'm currently taking kickboxing, yoga and spin along with running again. The treatments are painless but you need to stretch. I've added daily stretches to my day and have learned to listen to my body and take the right steps to get relief. (stretch)!!"

Colleen (Mechanicville, NY) March 2015

"Great people and treatments really. Had neck pain and received great results. Took about 6 weeks. Now can be active without pain. Treatments are painless. Yes, recommend to anyone."

Paul (Cohoes, NY) February 2015

"My issues were primarily with my neck, but comprehensive neck and back therapy has really helped both. Most importantly, the extreme pain I had in my neck is largely gone, and it has enabled me to enjoy life and work again. Dr. Milham and staff, Blair and Dana, are excellent extremely helpful always positive faces to be around. I would recommend this to anyone, will and have done so."

Michael ( Mechanicville, NY) January 2015

"What brought me to the office was my constant low back pain from degenerative disc disease at L4-L5 and L5-S1 along with my nearly constant tailbone pain. I tried acupuncture, regular chiropractic, 2 different types of medications, yoga, and more - nothing really worked until I found and started spinal decompression, chiropractic adjustments, strengthening exercises, and electrical stimulation of my muscles with ice. I have been recommending this treatment to many others - including the doctors at my pain management!

Thank you!" Jen (Ballston Spa, NY) January 2015

"I came into Dr. Milham's office in such pain that I thought I would be in a wheelchair in the next year. I did not want to walk or move in any manor due to the pain. I received spinal decompression to relieve a pinched nerve and discs that were bulging. The sessions did not hurt at all. After each session I felt much better. My back itself is so much stronger now than it was. Now I am working on muscular strengthening with exercises. I believe this treatment saved my life and my outlook on everything. I felt so bad for so long that I forgot how good I could feel and enjoy living again. I would highly recommend this treatment. "

Ann - (Troy, NY) January 2015

" Had constant leg and hip pain at the start. I was scared to lift or push anything.

I can now do almost any chore I need to take care of." 

Eric - (Glenville)

"I cannot say enough about the staff and doctor here"


" I came to the Spinal Aid Center unable to walk without pain in my left leg. After 4-5 treatments the pain lessened and I began to feel human again. I cannot say enough about the staff and doctor here. They are caring, attentive and just wonderful people. I would highly recommend the center to friends and relatives."
Ronald- (Niskayuna, NY)


Pain was just part of my life before......
" When I first came to see Dr. Milham, I was in alot of pain. Pain that was stopping me from doing things and starting to make me feel depressed...After just 3 of 4 treatments my lower back started to feel better. After 8-9 visits I started feeling like a new person. I felt like it was the first time in years that i actually had days without pain! Pain was just part of my life before- now I feel great!

I am very happy that I decided to do this treatment and would definitely recommend it to others!"   
Nancy Albany, NY

I had severe pain in my back and down my leg. It was difficult to go from sitting to a standing position and could only walk short distances without severe pain.

Physical Therapy did not help it took several treatments before I saw improvements. After which there was improvement every week. The treatments were painless  and now I can do everyday things with no pain. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.

Donna L August 2014


" My back hurt so bad that I could not play golf or even get out of bed without pain. I was told by my orthopedic to see a neurological surgeon...He told me he could not help my condition because of my arthritis.

I found Dr. Milham, DC and his back decompression therapy. The Spinal Aid Center of America helped me get better. The decompression and other aids have me golfing again..I now have no pain now, but keep up on the stretching, and it worked.
I would recommend Dr. Milham to anyone with back problem. He knows what he is doing and is my golfing savior."  

David (Schenectady) June 2014

"I had bulging discs and pain in my left leg for several months. I went to see the doctor who gives me medication and physical therapy. Still in pain, I couldn't stand for more than 5 minutes and I couldn't sleep in bed for three months. I love to cook and I couldn't do that. After reading an advertisement about non-surgical spinal decompression therapy I decided to try it. After 3 treatments my pain was gone! Couldn't believe it and after 3 more treatments I felt like myself. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone. I'm 72 years old and I feel like i'm 10 years younger."

Ronald L. (Hoosick Falls) June 2014

robert"Spinal Decompression got me whole again. Only wish that my other 4 plus doctors had recomend this. It was the best thing I ever did."


Robert D. (Troy) June 2014


"Doctor did a great job. Helped with shoulder pain and neck. Staff was great also."

Alfred T. (Albany) May 2014

ann"I suffered most of my life with neck and back pain. The pain usually limited my activities or prevented them. I tried physical therapy or chiropractic for years. I had the same old problems till I came to the Spinal Aid center, with the combination of the decompression, chiro, therapies and exercises that I was taught, now I can do the things without suffering the pain in my low back and neck. I would recommend this to other people, and already have."

Anna M. (Watervliet) May 2014

"My lower back pain was intermittent to occasional and would range from discomfort to disabling. The treatment received was decompression, eletrostimulus, cold pack and exercise along with chiropractic treatments. I note that my range of motion and activity has improved and the frequency of severe lower back pain has almost disappeared."

Raymond B. ( Schenectady) May 2014

"When I came to the office I could only walk a few feet without needing to sit. My left leg was very painful with numbness from the knee down. As a result of the treatments and exercise, the numbness is gone. I can walk as far as I wish. I can now accomplish my daily life with no restrictions and relatively pain free. I would recommend this treatment."

Michael H. (Clifton Park) May 2014

"I was being treated for herniated disc and degenerative disc problems. When I first started this program I experienced pain in lower back but as treatment progressed, pain subsided and now I am basically pain free. The treatments were very gentle and painless. I also would comment that Dr. M's assistants were very pleasant and very professional."

Richard L. (Stamford) May 2014

"Treatment for severe lower back pain and sciatica, spasms, leg pain, which limited daily activities, normal life style. Treatment involved decompression, stimulation with ice, exercise regimen. Tried physical therapy and injection previous to program. 6 weeks later 90% recovery and will follow up with monthly maintenance visits. I would definitely recommend this others as an alternative to surgery."

Richard K. ( Schenectady) April 2014

" This is the best I have felt in years."
" I had laser therapy and exercising. I am able to move my neck without any pain. I no longer have spasms in my back. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has neck or back problems. Dr. Milham has been wonderful and so has Blair."  Laurie ( Petersburgh, NY) March 2014

" When I first came in I couldn't turn to the left when driving...Now I have free range of movement. I didn't want to lose my independence. Doctor did laser treatment on my neck and treatment of my neck muscles to give me movement. Thanks so much for your help Dr. Milham."

Susan ( Clifton Park) April 2014

" When I first decided to try this treatment, I was unsure of what kind of results I would achieve, due to my neck being locked in place. I was told by other doctors surgery was my next step. My mobility has improved immensely. When we first started it was very uncomfortable and I was not sure if I could do it. But between the light therapy and laser treatments, my neuropathy has completely gone away when I wake up in the morning, and my neck has improved at least 90% if not more. I will continue to come back for tweaking so as not to return to how I was. You could not ask for a nicer staff."    
Margaret (Latham) Jan 2014

" I looked forward to coming in everyday. Everyone involved was very helpful and did their job well. The decompression therapy was pleasant. Exiting the machine was slightly painful, but the muscle stimulation eliminated all of the pain. I feel I was educated effectively on stretching and strengthening techniques. All in all a very positive experience."
Dale (Clifton Park) Jan 2014

" I went to the Spinal Aid Center for relief from my back pain. I have herniated L4 and L5 discs with L5 being a degenerative disc as well. Tried other treatments such as seeing a chiropractor, a pain management doctor and getting a cortisone shot 4 times. When first going to (Spinal Aid), I could not stand for more than 10 minutes in one place...we had to reduce the number of activities because if I did too much, was hurting and taking pain meds....
NOW, if I do these activities I might be a little sore if I overdue, but NO PAIN!! The treatments are easy and you could almost fall asleep during the decompression treatments. I would fully recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from back pain." 
Chris ( Watervliet) Dec 2013


" I was experiencing extreme pain from L4/L5 lumbar. This condition started in Feb 2013- not sure what caused the problem- just woke up and was dressing for work when my right leg locked up and I could not move. I made appointments with my primary physician who advised I see an orthopedic surgeon. After 2 MRI's, the surgeon strongly recommended spinal surgery (fusion). The surgeon could not guarantee good results and recovery would be months. I was totally against the surgery and unwilling to take the risks involved.

After 5 treatments I was doing much better! Now after completion of this program I'm straighter, stronger and fully functional!

James Dec. 2013( Amsterdam, NY)

Barbara" The office is a very friendly atmosphere. The decompression machine was relaxing and I felt an overall relief of pressure in my lower back and hips. The adjustment, physical therapy and stimulation and ice sessions were relieving with a sense of " I can do anything," but with the understanding that overdoing it is not good. You have to have patience and a willingness to see the treatment through."

Barbara Dec 2013 ( Albany, NY)


" I would recommend this treatment to others. I really hurt when I started the program.
After approximately 5 treatments I started to feel better. I continue to do exercises at home. I had tried injections, acupuncture, physical therapy and chiropractic.

I was basically living in a chair. At completion of program I can do almost anything I want. My life is way more pleasant."

Ruth Stamford, NY - Dec 2013

I can move around without my walking cane now...

" My lowback was treated. My walking, my sitting, my standing, my sleeping was limited. My activities were limited also. The treatment did not hurt at all. I can move around without my walking cane now. I would recommend this treatment to anyone."

James (Albany NY) Dec 2013

The first time on the table was the first relief of sciatic pain I had had over the past 3 months...
" I came in for lower back pain with sciatic pain down my left leg and extreme muscle spasms. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5-S1 with compression on my left sciatic nerve via MRI. I was started on a spinal decompression plan. The first time on the table was the first relief of sciatic pain I had had over the past 3 months of dealing with the pain. About 3 weeks into the treatment I started having significant relief with no low back pain or spasms and infrequent sciatic pain. I was able to go about my daily activity without pain."

Nichole (Cohoes, NY) Dec 2013

This is what he had to say…..

I was treated for Peripheral Neuropathy with a combination of vibration and laser therapy. Before treatment I was at a level 9 for pain for 24 hours a day unless I took a pain med just to sleep at night. My daily activities were limited to staying on the couch and reading or watching TV. There was a gradual improvement every week or so, but a very large gain in the last 3 weeks of the 2 ½ months I spent in treatment. Getting treatment has made a huge difference in my life. After 2 years of pain I now feel almost as normal as I had been. The treatments were next to painless. I would recommend this to anyone that has a quality of life issue as bad as I did. Thank you Dr. Milham

Thomas S. Colonie, NY 10/15/13

" I had spinal decompression because i had bulging disc and degenrated disc. The treatment was great and the office people were great and very friendly. I started out in Dec 2012 with severe pain. Couldn't stand or sit. Went to a chiropractor, helped some.but was never out of pain; went for massage therapy, didn't help;  went to orthopedic doctor, had xrays and MRI- went to physical therapy and made it worse. Went for 3 shots of cortisone, didn't work. Next was going for surgery, and i didn't want that....Went for consultation ( with Dr. Milham) and decided to go for it. Gone 20 times and found much relief..I would recommend this to anyone with back problems."

Barbara -   Scotia, NY for Sept. 2013

" First of all the doctor and staff were very professional and helpful. When I first came in I was in the worst my back was, and in severe pain all of the time. I could not walk without a cane or walker. I also had neuropathy, my feet were cold and legs were numb. After a few treatments these problems started to improve.

I am now 85-90% better and still need to do exercises to make my back strong again.I would recommend Dr. Milham to others." 

Maynard    Saratoga Springs, NY    August 2013

"Treatment has been effective. Pain has gone. Relief has been great. I am able to continue daily activities. the treatment has been effective so far." 

Esther   Loudonville, NY   August 2013

" Due to back-aches and pain in the buttocks I visited my doctor. He evaluated this condition as sacrilitis, and authorized a visit to Dr. Milham, who confirmed the problem to be sacrilitis.

After consultation with Dr. Milham, I enrolled in his 6 wk program of treatment, based upon non-surgical spinal decompression. After 3 wks, there was noticeable reduction in pain, with a dramatic reduction after 6 wks. The treatments were generally painless, and life is indeed better. I would also say that Dr. Milham's staff is very well skilled and extremely personable."  

John   Delmar, NY  August 201


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image" When I came in I was hopeful and at the end of my rope. I could feel a difference after the first visit.

Everyone was awesome with me. I will suggest this for anyone looking for a non-surgical answer."
Linda  August 2013  Wells, NY

image" I found Dr. Milham and his staff extremely professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Before coming to the office, I could not walk, stand or drive my car without immediate back and leg pain...At this time I can walk up to two miles without severe pain and i can ride for longer periods of time without leaving the car and walking."     Stephen  August 2013  Troy, NY

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